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Sitepro has text and images for 300 different materials showing what to use where, and how much you'll need. So you might need to know what Waterproofer is best for a concrete veranda, and how many litres. Sitepro will tell you. You can then use the app info to make sure the Waterproofing contractor has the surface properly prepared and also make sure they applied the material correctly.
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Check things are done

In Sitepro, you can set up each of your individual jobs or builds. Then for each trade within each stage within each job, you will have checklists to make sure nothing is missed. Using the App you can then forward these checklists to the boss or to the client so they know that you are doing things properly. Feedback from experienced Builders tells us that using these checklists has saved them countless times. Everybody is capable of forgetting things on site!
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When you're on a site, it is your job to make sure the whole project is complete without defects and without issues. So you need to know every thing about every trade. You need to know how much cement goes into a mortar mix for brickwork, you need to know where spacings should be for battens on a roof, you need to know what size plasterboard will span a 600mm spaced stud. Or you could just know how to use Sitepro, and find that information in seconds.
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"I have my staff use Sitepro just to make sure things are ready for a trade, and then to make sure they are finishing off their jobs properly. It is easily the software that has saved me the most money"

Daniel F - Home Builder in Sydney

"I use Sitepro mainly for reference. I often need to know if work that has been done is to code, and then use it when preparing works Specifications. I use it again to check that my own sub-contractors have done the work to code before I get it inspected. I've avoided a lot of defects thanks to Sitepro."

Christopher N. - Project Manager, Inspection and Rectification company in Sydney

"Building my own Home was a huge task, but Sitepro was of great help along the way. I wanted to pay for my own materials to save money, and Sitepro told me what type of Materials I needed, and then how much to order. It also helped keep my tradies happy by making sure everything was ready for them when they got on site. I never had any big arguments with them because I seemed to know what I was talking about. Little did they know I was just checking all the info on Sitepro!"

Sandra and Joe C. - Owner/Builders in Sydney

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So how did we do it?

Well, Sitepro was created by experienced Builders. In our team there are decades of onsite mistakes, fix-ups, defects, call-backs and lessons learned. But we didn't just learn what not to do. We have just as much experience in creating beautiful homes and buildings, and learning all the tips, tricks and pitfalls along the way. To fill in the blanks, our team slavedĀ over thousands of pages of Building Codes and Standards, Text books, Industry Guides, Installation manuals and local Guidelines to make sure the information we give to you is accurate and will meet or exceed codes in Australia.

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